Body Beautiful by Suzzi Hartery

Do you feel at war with your body? Are you battling feelings of shame or fear about the way you look? Do you spend precious energy trying to ‘fix’ yourself to meet the demands of modern beauty standards? Think you’ve tried everything to love your body?

True beauty is knowing who you are and sharing your beauty with the world.

In a society where we are pressured to fit in, Body Beautiful: Your Guide to Making Peace with Your Body and Letting Yourself Bloom is a celebration of individuality and the courage it takes to be confident.

Written by qualified health coach, naturopath and celebrated self-worth whisperer Suzzi Hartery, Body Beautiful harnesses scientifically proven models of behaviour to help you shift destructive thought patterns, achieve long-term transformation and cultivate appreciation for your unique self.

It’s time to live every day happy about who you are, giving your soul the support it craves. Body Beautiful brings the caring friend and guide for all life stages that provides support, inspiration, and advice on having your daily actions and beliefs be in alignment towards loving yourself.

It’s time to ignite your confidence—like never before.

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