Conscious Motherhood by Cathy Spooner

A modern motherhood book to connect you back to yourself

As we enter into motherhood, we are often given a filtered version of what to expect and a silent list of expectations on how to be a “good” mother. This old story is what sets us on a course where we place pressure on ourselves to be it all and do it all. Ultimately, we lose ourselves in that search.

The greatest challenge for women entering motherhood is to honour their intuition and distinguish from what society tells them motherhood and parenting should look like. Worldwide, women are calling from within their souls to follow a way in which motherhood is balanced, free from self-judgement and guilt and that doesn’t require self-sacrifice in order to be a good mother.

Conscious Motherhood is not just every woman’s invitation to flip the script about what we have been told about becoming a mother but it also encourages you to journey into yourself, welcome more acceptance and understanding whilst shedding heavy self-limiting beliefs.

This modern motherhood book will help you find peace of mind by connecting to the voice inside of you that knows best how to care for yourself and those around you. Through finding grace, getting real and going within, dispelling mum guilt and understanding resistance, it’s a healing experience as well as a heartfelt book.

Get ready to love yourself, trust your intuition and create dreams alongside an enriched experience of motherhood and enjoy this homecoming to the woman you were always meant to be.

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