Crystal Connection by Justine Wilson

There is a transformative and evocative movement taking place: the crystal connection.

Crystals are mysterious and revered for their special energy and otherworldly vibration. Crystal magic has been harnessed for healing, meditation and rituals across cultures and the globe for lifetimes. Formed and fused by the earth's rich elements over millions of years, we are mesmerised by their intriguing beauty; the way they catch the light, twinkle, shimmer and sparkle excites and attracts us. Their healing properties aside, they make beautiful and evocative visual statements within your space and home decor.

This lovely crystal book shows you how to work with these special stones in your abode. Within these pages, you'll be introduced to a majestic magic of these gifts from nature. Whilst learning how to incorporate into your home and personal environment to transform any space as well as discover how to style them artfully and build your own personal relationship with them.

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