Priestess Your Plate by Tracey Pattison

PRIESTESS YOUR PLATE is a true offering to live a life which is deliciously empowered by the seasonal food you choose to nourish yourself with.

Within these pages you will find your heart’s compass towards how you can Priestess Your Plate through food sovereignty, sacredness and the gained intuition of your inner cycles of self within the seasons of the greatest Goddess of all, Mother Earth.

If you’re questioning all that you once knew about food or are completely confused by all the mixed messages, diet culture and what healthy really is, then Priestess Your Plate is an intuitive eating guide for you. Consider it an inviting guide to heed Mother Earth's call to use food, cooking and eating as a spiritual and self-loving practice via a simpler way that steps away from the ingrained food patriarchy.

Welcome to no more ingredient or lifestyle demonising through these sacred pages of Priestess Your Plate and reclaim yourself through food sacredness.

About the author

Tracey Pattison is a qualified and professionally trained holistic health, wellbeing and life coach, sought after recipe and cookbook creatrix with a 25-year strong global career in food publishing and consulting. She is best known for being a bestselling cookbook author and an intuitive, seasonal food and cookery mentor for women identifying.

She has created recipes with some of Australia's most inspirational health industry bodies and experts such as CSIRO and Michelle Bridges and has been featured in prominent publications such as Gourmet Traveller, Jamie Oliver, Donna Hay, Women’s Weekly Food and so many more.

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