Seeds Of Self-Care Or Love And Serenity by Jane Holman

This is a book about placing self-care at the forefront of our existence and, through it, accessing our greatest power: our love.

Love lies in the elevated emotions that make our lives abundantly rich.

Our self-care and love gloriously allow us to make kindness, nurturing, gratitude, awe, compassion, wonder, excitement, empowerment, awareness, peace and contentment part of our daily experience. We become our most powerful by accessing these states of love.

Seeds of Self-Care: For Love and Serenity is about self-care beyond our traditional understanding. It is about learning to find the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary, and seeing and responding to life in ways most conducive to love. It is about learning what we require and desire to fill our inner well of love and then pursuing that relentlessly and indulgently throughout all the experiences of our blessed days.

Our seeds of love are waiting within us to bloom.

Water and nourish yours through the many experiences and states explored within these cherished pages …

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