Still A Mum by Meagan Donaldson

Still a Mum is a wholehearted book on grief and losing a baby that provides wisdom and support through careful insight, helping you feel less alone.

What no parent wants to face: Meagan Donaldson was 23 weeks pregnant when tests confirmed that her unborn baby had a rare condition. Told the prognosis for their daughter was poor, they made a heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to their little girl. Soon after, Violet Grace was born. Still, but perfect.

However, her short life left a big impact on her parents-and a network of strangers across the world as her story and the wisdom gained from the experience was shared and a successful fundraiser was created in her honour.

Written whilst on maternity leave-with no baby and planning her daughter's memorial instead of a baby shower-and in the preceding year, the author offers healing awareness through a fractured heart which helps readers understand pregnancy loss and grief.

Still a Mum is a story about loss, life and love and finding joy again after heartbreak. Shining a spotlight on the stigma that still exists around pregnancy loss, not just for the parents but for other family members as well.

You'll uncover true support and finding strength through pain and experiencing parenthood through a unique lens.

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