The Balance Theory by Natasha Piccolo

What if the Universe’s only goal was to touch balance—from the cellular to the cosmic, and back again?

What if we could simplify our existence to just that?

Nothing more, nothing less.

Then in our suffering, we no longer have to suffer.

The Balance Theory is for everyone, no matter what you believe about our place and purpose here on Earth. The theory can be observed in all aspects of life, and is here to help you appreciate yours with a little more depth and reverence.

Natasha Piccolo is your coach and guide on the exploration of The Balance Theory—an entirely channelled work on the depths of universal wisdom and how it all points back to the importance of balance.

From natural cycles and body systems, to life, death, adversity, relationships, and everything in between, The Balance Theory asks you to perceive everything that has ever existed as moving energy—with peace and harmony the only true goal.

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