The Untangling by Suzie de Jonge

They say there is no stronger bond than the one mothers and daughters share. But for Suzie de Jonge, a close relationship with her mother never came easy.

In the wake of her mother’s death, Suzie brings to light tender memories that had been gnawing at her for too long, and reflects on the burdens, challenges and gifts she was imparted over the years.

From this powerful place of vulnerability and surrender, Suzie finds her way through past hurts and comes back to love, experiencing life-changing realisations and understandings along the way.

In Part II, people in Suzie’s circle have opened their hearts and shared their own absorbing recollections of experiences with their parents.

The Untangling is a precious reminder of the possibilities that lie on the other side of judgement, blame, emotional baggage and limiting beliefs. It will support you to bravely rediscover yourself and your freedom, and step forth into a new chapter of life with a sense of simplicity, clarity and peace.

Each of us deserves our own untangling.

Suzie de Jonge loves to share her wisdom as a motivational speaker, interviewer and blogger. Through sharing her story in The Untangling, Suzie hopes to support readers on their own journey of self-discovery.

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