Unrestricted by Tammy Guest

Unrestricted: A modern guide to doing business and life differently is the essential handbook for driven entrepreneurs who want to make a real difference in the world, without sacrificing the things they value most.

Author Tammy Guest is a business mentor helping thousands of practitioners and change-makers to achieve their business and life goals.

Within these pages, Tammy draws on her experience running a hugely successful naturopathic practice to impart invaluable advice on staying authentic, grounded and open to possibility as your business evolves.

You’ll find insights and tools that will support you to:

• Turn brules (bullshit rules) into fuel

• Fire up your creativity, productivity and connection

• Accelerate your business growth without burning out

• ‘Grow with the flow’ of your business

• Find the freedom to honour your ideas and plans

• Remove obstacles by mastering your mindset

• Work smarter, not harder by implementing key systems

• Plan the future you truly desire—without limits

What if we could see our work and our business as living, breathing organisms that are forever evolving and growing, truly unrestricted?

Tammy Guest takes people on adventures and reminds them of how to live. She spent a career working in cancer wards and studying life and death, and it shaped the way she teaches today; she reminds us of how unique and precious we are, and how important it is to shake things up.

Tammy founded the Natupreneur Movement and hosts huge events around the country. She runs retreats both online and in person on leadership, business and freedom, with her Unrestricted retreat pairing powerfully with this book.

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