Watch Ya Language by Meg Linton

After almost three decades of disordered eating, poor mental health and low self-esteem, Meg Linton was at her wits’ end. Something needed to change.

In Watch YA Language, Meg Linton shares the renowned BE HERE method that empowered her to deal with past hurts, rewire her internal dialogue and reclaim her life.

Within these pages, you will learn how altering your self-talk can transform your inner and outer worlds for the better. It’s time to start living the authentic, exciting, soul-nourishing life you want and deserve—and inspire others to do the same.

True acceptance is found within.

Meg Linton is a woman determined to change the world.

After struggling through nearly three decades of disorder eating, poor mental health and low self-esteem, Meg decided it was time to face her fears and start living the life she wanted and deserved.

Meg now visits schools and businesses across Australia, teaching the BE HERE method that enabled her to reclaim her self-esteem, freedom and future. She is a firm believer that the way we speak to ourselves determines our experience of life.

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