Whole Hearted by Terri Connellan

A wise mix of memoir, practical strategies and positive self-leadership resources for women going through major change in their lives.

Wholehearted: Self-leadership for women in transition is a personal recount of one woman’s journey about shifting from being a long-term government employee towards enjoying a richer, more self-directed and creative life as an inspirational life coach.

When author, Terri Connellan, realises she no longer aligns with the organisation where she has worked for thirty years, she turns her back on a successful career and searches for a different, more purposeful life. Wholehearted unveils this transition journey and path to shaping a more fulfilling, creative and values driven life through low and high moments and life altering decision making.

Wholehearted contains a set of self-leadership skills including intention setting, writing as daily practice and prioritising exercise and self-care, whilst providing guidance and a toolkit for women seeking to positively transition, whether self-initiated or instigated by others or circumstances. An aligned Wholehearted Companion Workbook provides deeper reflection and crafting personal strategies to live more wholeheartedly.

Terri Connellan is a certified life coach, writer and accredited psychological type practitioner who specialises in creativity, personality and self-leadership especially for women in transition to a life with deeper purpose. Terri works globally through her creative business, Quiet Writing. Discuss Wholehearted at your local book club!


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